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App development incurs significant costs, and we are committed to maintaining a high-quality app for years to come.

Your support through the purchase of iman Pro will greatly contribute to our sustainability efforts. Moreover, by opting for iman Pro, you will gain access to an array of unlocked features.

Let’s compare iman and iman Pro features

Foreground Solah method & location auto-update
Background solah method & location auto-update
Manual Solah method
Custom Solah method
Fix location mode
Annual JAKIM database
Annual MUIS database
Annual KHEU database
Annual KEMENAG database
Annual FIANZ database
Rest of the world’s standard methods
Qibla Compass
Unlocked Lockscreen Widgets
Unlocked Home Widgets
Full Azan in active app
Siri integration
5 Solah notifications
Pre 5 Solah notifications
Suhoor, Imsak, Shuruq, Ishraq, Duha, Qiyam notifications
All Azan selection from 29 Muazzin
All 11 tone audio notifications
Hijri Birthday and age calculator with notifications
Fully customizable app & widget header color
Fully customizable app & widget body color
Display Duha time in app
Hide Duha time in app
Configure Duha time
Display Qiyam time in app
Hide Qiyam time in app
Configure Qiyam time
Display Ishraq time in app
Hide Ishraq time in app
Configure Ishraq time
Display Suhoor time in app
Hide Suhoor time in app
Configure Suhoor time
Display Imsak time in app
Hide Imsak time in app
Configure Imsak time
Disable idle screen lock
Apple Health Mindful Minutes
English content translations*
Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia translations*
Configure Arabic text size
Digital Al-Quran
Tap Tasbih
Al-Mathurat Sughra
Hisnul Muslim
Halal Eateries finder
Launch Hall Eateries finder in Google Maps App
Masjid finder
Launch Masjid finder in Google Maps App
Miscellaneous informative modules
Night mode function
Display daily Dzikr on the dashboard
Hide daily Dzikr on the dashboard
Display Fasting info on the dashboard
Hide Fasting info on the dashboard
Display Qibla on the dashboard
Hide Qibla on the dashboard
Display Shortcuts on the dashboard
Hide Shortcuts on the dashboard
Configure menu shortcuts
Display weather on the dashboard (Premium Subscription)
Hide weather on the dashboard
Rerrangable dashboard items
Apple Watch companion app
Apple Watch complications

Get iman Pro now and enjoy unrestricted features with just a one-time purchase!

*Some content may not be available in all languages