Common questions and issues asked

iman Pro local notifications are queued every time you activate the app. At one time, 64 notifications are being queued. This is the maximum notification queue that is allowed by Apple. Ref: here

Each Azan time is counted as 1 notification. In a day there is a minimum of 5 Azan notifications(subject to your configurations). Setting up pre-Azan notifications will occupy more notifications queue for that day. Assuming 5 Azans a day, 64 notifications can last up to approximately 13 days.

Once all 64 notifications have been triggered, you may not get any more new Azan notifications unless you activate/open the app again to refresh the local notifications queue.

iman Pro users who allowed location permissions with “Always” will enjoy automatic notifications queue refresh. This is because iman Pro is now able to run in the background every time there is a significant change of location detected.

In other words, iman Pro users with this configuration do not have the need to open/activate iman Pro app at all and enjoy continuous Azan notifications as long as he or she travels around once in a while.

Gauges are different from countdown timers or progress rings. They are a special element that is not meant for real-time progress updates.

However, the ‘dot’ will eventually update itself at random intervals as widgets and Watch Complications are refreshed.

Widgets and Watch Complications have their own ‘update budget’ that is controlled by WatchOS or iOS for the sake of battery life.

Thus, consider them as cosmetic only and not as a progress indicator.

That icon means that aya is bookmarked for that current surah. It is UNIQUE for every surah. After enabling for example aya 20 in Surah Al-Baqarah, the next time you open this surah, the app will automatically jump to aya 20. This applies to all other surahs too with its own bookmarked aya. 

That icon means the aya is marked as a reading progress. It is UNIQUE throughout the Quran. After enabling this for example aya 7 in surah An-Nisa’, the next time you tap on the same icon on the top right of the surah selection page, it will jump straight to surah An-Nisa’ aya 7. 

means a surah is favored. The app will always sort any favorite surah top of the list

Before initiating the restore purchase, let me explain that iman Pro consists of 2 payment models. They are:

a) iman Pro – One-time purchase from AppStore

b) iman Pro Premium – A subscription from in-app for additional weather information (monthly or yearly subscriptions) on top of (a) Read: https://iman7.adiman.net/index.php/iman-pro-premium/

Restore purchase should be used when if iman Pro Premium subscription (item b) was not detected by the app due to app re-installation or anything happened that prevents the access of premium contents.

It has nothing to do with item (a)

And if you subscribed to (b) Please check if your subscription is successful. Any successful subscription will receive a receipt from Apple. You can also check it in your purchase history. Read more on how to check subscriptions or cancel subscriptions on AppStore: https://support.apple.com/en-my/HT202039

Again, restore purchase does not work with (a) or when your subscription is already cancelled/expired or refunded.

All purchase transactions and records are tied to your Apple ID. Please check if you’re logged in with the same Apple ID that was used to purchase iman Pro.

Another way is to check your purchase history. Should you find iman Pro in your purchase history but are still being charged again, you should contact Apple App Store support for assistance.

On how to check your purchase history, refer here

The Islamic calendar system is a lunar calendar based on observation. The observation aspect of the calendar means that a new month can only be declared based on human observations of the moon, something which can obviously vary and unsuited for computer calculation.

iman Pro implements an arithmetic Islamic calendar, which is an approximation of the actual calendar. 

Thus, it won’t be as accurate as the calendar declared by local authorities which will vary from local to local.

However, the app does provide a tool to do a manual correction to the calendar. You can find that in the app settings and apply +1 day or -1 day to the current date.

Data communications link between Apple Watch and iPhone somehow can be unresponsive after an app update or OS update.

To solve this issue, a simple restart on Apple Watch or both devices would reset the link and data should begin to flow normally from iPhone to Apple Watch app.

Most of the time, to fix unresponsive Home Widgets/Lockscreen Widgets/Watch Complications you are required to restart your device. After a quick restart, everything should be back to normal

Home Widgets may crash due to app updates and other unknown reasons but don’t worry.

A simple device restart will reset the widgets and the pieces of information will be available on display again.

This behavior is normal and it is as per Apple’s design.

Notifications appear on your Apple Watch or iPhone, but not both.

Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/108369

Apple Watch also does not support playing Azan notifications on it.

Sometimes users forget to put notification exceptions to apps when a certain Focus mode is activated.

Don’t know what Focus mode is? Refer here

For example, Focus mode when arriving at the office may silence all notifications if not configured well.

Please check your Focus mode and add an exception for iman Pro if you like to receive timely Azan notifications.

Full azan notifications can’t be played due to iOS limitations. Apple has limited notifications audio to be only up to 30 seconds in length.

This applies to ALL apps in the AppStore.

You may still listen to full Azan only if the app is active on screen or just tap on the notification, to activate the app when Azan is played

Ref: Apple