iman Pro Premium

iman Pro Premium subscription option is only available on iman Pro. It enables the display of supplementary weather information aligned with the current solah timetable.

iman Pro Premium Feature

Current day and hourly weather informations

  • Current hour weather
  • Current hour humidity
  • Current hour UV index
  • Min-Max day/hourly temperature
  • Precipitations for each Solah time
  • Graphical weather and temperature for each Solah times

First in the world, Solah’s timetable correlated with weather info

Why Weather?

Knowing the weather conditions is crucial for Muslims to plan their religious activities.

For example, it’s Ramadan and you plan to go to the Masjid for Taraweeh. Knowing the projected weather with imminent rain can be invaluable. Bringing an umbrella would be a wise thing to do. Although it is only a projection, it is always good to be prepared.

You’re at Medinah and it’s winter time. Knowing the temperature swing from Asr to Isha can be unforgiving for those who aren’t fans of cold winds. With projected temperature for each Solah time would give you a chance to choose proper clothing.

Nifty right?

Subscribing not only grants access to useful weather information but also contributes to the sustainability of iman Pro’s services.

iman Pro premium comes with monthly and yearly subscriptions. You may cancel your subscriptions at any time if you feel so. Wait, there’s more! You can share this subscription with up to 5 more family members using Apple Family Sharing!

All subscription payment billing records, history, and cancellations can be managed via the App Store. Read here regarding AppStore billings.

We can’t wait to serve you with this feature. Subscribe now and enjoy an enhanced Solah timetable!